The mission of FRC Team 6451 is to inspire young people and prepare them to be our future leaders.


We are the Wired Warriors.  We represent the FIRST Robotics Team at Whiteland Community High School.  We began our program in 2016, with a very determined and passionate group of students and mentors. Our team aims to expand the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and educate our community through events and participation in robotics competition.  


The vision of FRC Team 6451 is to give students, regardless of skill level or financial means, the opportunity to engage their minds and learn important life skills to carry with them throughout their lives and pass along to the next generation.  We do this by engaging them in a mentor-based program where they can expand their minds and hone the technical and physical skills needed to make them college or career ready.


2019: FIRST Destination Deep Space

The Destination Deep Space game required our robot to place hatch panels on a cargo ship with low goals and in rockets with low, medium, and high goals.  After the hatch panels were placed you could then place a cargo ball behind the hatches to earn more points.  Our robot was able to place hatches on all goals and place cargo in all low goals.  Our robot could also climb to the level 2 climb on the habitat in the endgame.  In our first competition, Tippecanoe, we had some problems and were not as consistent as we would have liked to be but in our second competition, Center Grove, we resolved our issues and performed much better.  We were picked for our first alliance at the Center Gove competition.  This season was an amazing learning experience for all committees but in particular, we learned a lot about encoders and the elevator.  


2018: FIRST Power UP

The Power Up game seemed to demand a bit more strategy around deciding how we would best manipulate the milk crate sized game pieces.  Realizing that we could not be masters of all methods we focused on being good at one particular game area, grabbing a cube from floor level and manipulating it through a portal to the outside.  This ability turned out to be quite valuable as these cubes then were used to fill a vault which gave the alliance the ability to control point generating field devices.  Our robot also gave alliance team members the ability to  drive their robot up a ramp so as to be levitated for extra end-game points. Although we did not accomplish our ultimate annual goal of attending the World Championship again, this season was an amazing learning experience for all committees and for the team as a whole. We were able to develop our skills further for future use.


CAGE 2018 – Make It Loud Award

power up.png
power up 2.jpg

2017: FIRST Steamworks

The Steamworks game was all about adding fuel (yellow whiffle balls) to the boiler and delivering gears to the mother ship.  Our strategy was to build a robot that could do both of those things so that we could be flexibly useful in any match depending on our alliance strategy.  Armed with a fuel sweeper to pick up balls we quickly traversed the floor to load the hopper and then positioned our robot to fire fuel into the boiler.  When the need arose, we would catch gears into our front basket and deliver them to the lifting peg.  At the very end of the game we used a powerful compact winch to climb a flat nylon strap for bonus points. This season was extremely successful, with our accomplishments listed below.


Tippecanoe District Competition - District Rookie All-Star Award
Highest Rookie Seed Award
State Competition - Rookie All-Star Award
FIRST Championship-St. Louis - Rookie Inspiration Award

steamworks 2.jpg